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Tips on traveling during hurricane season

Did you know that hurricane season technically lasts 6 months of the year?  Hurricane season starts on June 1 (next week) and ends on November 30.  If you chose not to travel to anywhere that MAY be subject to a hurricane during that time of the year, you may not take many summer  or fall [...]

Do Destination Wedding Guests need travel insurance?

Many destination wedding guests don't think they need travel insurance but in the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has heard of 4 incidents that will make you realize how important taking out travel insurance is. Typically, destination weddings are booked pretty far out and lots of thing can happen in a year, which [...]

How good is your credit card travel insurance coverage?

My Vacation Lady has been hearing from a number of our clients that they don't need to take travel insurance because their credit card covers them. There are so many different credit cards out there that I can't begin to compare what they offer for travel insurance vs the insurance policies that we can offer [...]

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The story of a blizzard and 2 different vacations

We really shouldn't call the snow storm on March 14 a blizzard in the NYC metro region.  It was more of a blizzard prediction that never happened but since a massive blizzard was predicted, we were watching reports and our clients' flights. This is a story of 2 different vacations.  One was booked by My [...]

5 Myths About Travel Insurance

Do you really need travel insurance?   Why spend money on something you'll likely never use? You might want to think of travel insurance the same way you think of all the other insurances you have- car, home, life.  While you hope you never need it, you're glad you have it when you need it. [...]