traveling during hurricane season

Tips on traveling during hurricane season

Did you know that hurricane season technically lasts 6 months of the year?  Hurricane season starts on June 1 (next week) and ends on November 30.  If you chose not to travel to anywhere that MAY be subject to a hurricane during that time of the year, you may not take many summer  or fall [...]

Popular honeymoon destinations for summer and fall honeymoons

Considering that hurricane season starts on June 1 and last through Nov 30, choosing a destination that isn't effected by hurricanes can really narrow down your choices but My Vacation Lady has come up with a few that usually have good weather, even during hurricane season, and won't necessarily break the bank. Sunset Temple [...]

Travel Agents give you peace of mind

My Vacation Lady has been helping our clients behind the scenes during weather related issues that they don't even know about. Just another example of why using a travel professional, like My Vacation Lady, can give you peace of mind. With all of the craziness that we're dealing with from our clients during the Irma situation, [...]

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