Bali Honeymoon

4 “I” countries are top destinations for 2016

There are a number of destinations that are HOT for 2016 and 4 of them start with the letter I.  Can you figure out which ones we are talking about?  When My Vacation Lady first saw the article in one of our travel trade magazines, it listed 3 top destinations starting with the letter […]

Honeymoon Worthy Experiences in Bali

2015 has been a busy Bali honeymoon year for My Vacation Lady and we’ve designed honeymoons for our clients ranging from relaxing at the beach and doing a bit of activities to planning almost every day with another activity.  This is all based on our clients dreams and budget.
What are some of the unique […]

What are the HOT honeymoon destinations for 2015?

Although we haven’t even started 2015 yet, My Vacation Lady is seeing a trend already for next year’s hot honeymoon destinations.

Of the ones already booked for next year, the top destinations are

The Riviera Maya
St Lucia
Costa Rica

Of course, some of the other Caribbean Islands are popular again this year (like Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Aruba […]

Great Honeymoon Destination– Bali

My Vacation Lady has been getting a lot of requests to Bali for 2015 honeymoons—  more so than in other years.   Bali is one of our most requested honeymoon destinations for 2015.

So what is it about Bali that is making it so popular among honeymooners?

Where is Bali and how do you get there?


Bali’s […]