There is never a guarantee when it comes to weather but most honeymooners, obviously, would prefer to go somewhere the weather is good for their honeymoon.

My Vacation Lady recently had a honeymoon consultation with Chris and Jamie.    They just got married and took a mini-moon but due to work and other commitments, they needed to postpone their honeymoon until next August-October- so more like a first year anniversary/honeymoon in one.

They were thinking of Tahiti, the Maldives, South Africa, Thailand or Fiji, but were really confused about where to go and what would be the best value for their $10,000 budget.  They were so confused.  They knew it was hurricane season in the Caribbean, even though Aruba and Curacao are out of the hurricane zone.  Where could they go and get something extraordinary but still have great weather?

So where could Chris and Jamie go to get great weather in the fall?

After our detailed honeymoon consultation, we knocked off

  • the Tahitian Islands (price would exceed their $10,000 budget for the luxe resorts that the bride wants)
  • the Maldives (monsoon season from May-October in most of the islands)
  • South Africa (the weather is so diverse based on where you are.  On Sept 22, Capetown was 59 degrees F, but it was 81 in Kruger national park)

We spoke about

  • Thailand (hot and humid in Bangkok, cooler but high humidity in Chiang Mai, warm and rainy in Phuket, warm and brief showers in Koh  Samui)
  • Bali (still part of their peak season- tends to be hot and humid but definitely beach weather
  • Fiji (peak season – usually in the 80’s.  Typically Fiji’s drier season)
  • Greece – getting closer to the end of their hot season, with temperatures cooling down a bit but still beach weather.

They haven’t decided yet but September is a great month for both Fiji and Greece, which peaked their interest.  Since prices drop in mid September, they’ll be able to get a lot more value for their $10,000 budget as well.

My Vacation Lady is certainly not a meteorologist but we can certainly steer you in the right direction if great weather is your top priority for your dream honeymoon.

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