Honeymoon to Thailand

What can you get for a $10,000 honeymoon budget?

In our series of posts, My Vacation Lady has already posted what kind of honeymoon you can get for $5000 and $7500.  This week, we're upping the the budget to $10,000.  For some couples, this may be completely out of their ball park.  For many of our honeymooners, they are expecting LUXURY for $10,000.  For others, [...]

What does a $7500 honeymoon look like in 2017?

For the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has been posting about honeymoon budgets.  Last week, we talked about what you can get for a $5000 honeymoon budget and this week, we are going to look at what our actual clients booked around the $7500 range for their 2017 honeymoons. Pure Adventure in Costa [...]

Great Honeymoon Destination- Thailand

Why Thailand Thailand is exotic.  It’s far enough away that the distance makes Thailand special.  It can include a combination of culture, beaches, city, wildlife and nature.  You can have cities, mountains and beach all in one honeymoon! Where is Thailand and how do you get there? Thailand is in Southeast Asia and is surrounded [...]

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