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Over Water Bungalows- Ultimate Luxury

When you think of a pure, unadulterated luxurious resort room, what comes to mind?  If you are thinking about Over Water Bungalows, you are thinking what a lot of My Vacation Lady’s clients are thinking of as well.

Until pretty recently, you had to travel pretty far to stay in the ultimate in luxury.  Most of […]

Mauruuru In Tahiti goes a long way

When My Vacation Lady’s clients are honeymooning or vacationing in the Tahitian Islands, we need to remind them to slow down- breathe and put your phone away!  Service is going to be slower and it’s meant to be.

Here are some tips from the Tahiti Tourist Board on what will make all the difference in […]

When taking a vacation-what not to leave for the last minute

There are many of my friends and clients who will pack for their vacation the morning of their flight.  I certainly can’t but if you are one of those last minute packers— more power to you.
When planning your vacation or honeymoon, there are a few things that you SHOULD NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE LAST […]

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Packing for your Tahiti Honeymoon

This really isn’t going to be a list of everything you need to pack for your honeymoon to the Tahitian Islands or French Polynesia but more about what you might not consider packing for your Tahitian honeymoon.

Some of this will depend on which islands you’ll be visiting but some are more generic:

Things you might not have […]

Where have you been? Take this challenge

It’s sad that My Vacation Lady has only been to 1/4 of the 100 places to visit on this challenge.  We have a lot of traveling to do to make up for the ones we missed.

Take the challenge and post your score.

If nothing else, you’ll certainly see a lot of places to add to […]