When My Vacation Lady’s clients are honeymooning or vacationing in the Tahitian Islands, we need to remind them to slow down- breathe and put your phone away!  Service is going to be slower and it’s meant to be.

View of the Sofitel Moorea with Tahiti in the back ground.

View of the Sofitel Moorea with Tahiti in the back ground.

Here are some tips from the Tahiti Tourist Board on what will make all the difference in your stay in Tahiti:

Did you know?

Tahitians place great importance on eye contact, hello (ia ora na), goodbye (nana) and courteous niceties such as please (we don’t have a word for this in Tahitian really, so, “s’il vous plait” works!)  and thank you (mauruuru).

In the fast pace of the North American lifestyle, we sometimes forget to slow down when we’re on vacation. Life in The Islands of Tahiti slows down quite a bit and before heading down to the islands, it’s important to take a breath and remember the importance of being polite and the goodwill it can garner.

Though it may seem silly, consciously making eye contact when speaking to someone goes a long way. Saying please and thank you or hello and goodbye is a small yet important gesture and will likely give you exactly what you are asking for and then some. Tahitians tend to be shy and this can often be perceived as standoffish, but once you make a connection with eye contact, offer a friendly greeting with a smile, people will welcome you like family. Someone once shared a cute analogy with me, that we Tahitians are like coconuts, hard on the outside but once you are able to crack that exterior, our inner spirit and generosity flows like water.

Once you set foot in the The Islands of Tahiti it is important to change gears and slow down. You may note that service may be a bit slower than what we are accustomed to in North America, yet that is the peaceful Tahitian pace that allows one to slow down, take a breath and truly enjoy life.

A honeymoon or vacation to French Polynesia isn’t a race.  It’s meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating so that when you leave, you’ll feel a part of Tahiti coming home with you.

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