What are the HOT honeymoon destinations for 2023?

The world has reopened after 2 years of the Covid pandemic and so many more destinations are open to our honeymooners for 2023. What are some of the  top destinations for My Vacation Lady's honeymooners in 2023   Hawaii is always a top honeymoon destination and it is remaining a top contender for 2023 too.  [...]

Great Honeymoon Destination- Belize

Why Belize? Belize is one of new, hot honeymoon destinations right now.  It’s a small country located in Central America, south of Mexico and north of Guatemala.  Bordering the Caribbean Sea, Belize is truly one of the few remaining unspoiled places on earth.  Belize’s tagline is “mother nature’s best kept secret.”  Once you return from [...]

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