Big Island

Surprising things about Hawaii

My Vacation Lady loves Hawaii.  It’s one of our favorite destinations and we would love to go there many, many times a year but with the flights from the East Coast being as long as they are, we can’t get there as often as we would like.  Each time we go back to Hawaii, we […]

Great Hawaii Honeymoon Resorts

My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii and a good number of our honeymooners head to Hawaii for their dream honeymoons.

At times, during a honeymoon consultation we’ll hear that the couples doesn’t want to go to Hawaii because “everyone goes there”.

Yes, and there are many good reasons why so many of our honeymooners choose Hawaii as […]

Stargazing in the Big Island

In the past, My Vacation Lady has suggested that our clients could do star gazing on Hawaii Island in 2 different ways.

Take a star gazing tour which will bring you all the way to the observatory
Drive to the Visitor Information Station and take advantage of the free stargazing program offered by the park […]

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Hawaii’s best beaches

My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii for many different reasons and 1 of those reasons are the beaches.  From black sand, to white sand, to green sand, Hawaii’s beaches are unique.
Which are Hawaii’s best beaches?
For the last 20 years or so, people have been reading Dr. Beach’s (Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman) annual list of what he […]

Top Tourist Mistakes when Vacationing in Hawaii

My Vacation Lady loves Hawaii and we send many of our clients to Hawaii for their honeymoons or dream vacations.

A while back, there was an article in the Huffington Post about what the top mistakes are that tourists make in Hawaii and knew that we could add more to their list.
These are Top mistakes when […]

For Free (or almost) on the Big Island of Hawaii

With more and more of our clients coming to us for a repeat visit to Hawaii, My Vacation Lady is seeing a surge in the interest in the Big Island.   The Big Island is really just “Hawaii” but since so many people got confused, it’s commonly known as the Big Island.  And big […]

What is there to do in the Big Island of Hawaii?

If you saw our last blog post about top honeymoon destinations for 2016 for My Vacation Lady, you would have seen that many of our honeymooners choose Hawaii fro their dream honeymoons.  We are planning to head back to Hawaii this fall and we need to get back to the Big Island.  We haven’t […]

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When is the best time to travel to Hawaii?

My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii and we always say that we would live there if we could afford a shack on the beach with internet access 🙂

We often get asked about what the best time of year is to take a dream vacation or honeymoon in Hawaii.  In our humble opinion, there is never a […]

Our favorite dessert in Hawaii

Most of you know from our past blog posts that My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii!  Our favorite island is probably the last one that we visited but we found our favorite dessert on all of the islands.

Hula Pie

Yes, you know what it is—Hula Pie- a completely decadent dessert that was the complete and ultimate […]

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Some of the best things about Hawaii












Hawaii is one of My Vacation Lady’s favorite places to visit and every time we return we start planning our next vacation back to the islands.  With so much to see and do in each island, we could easily spend a week to 10 days in each, without getting bored.










As a Hawaii Destination Specialist, […]