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For Free (or almost) on the Big Island of Hawaii

With more and more of our clients coming to us for a repeat visit to Hawaii, My Vacation Lady is seeing a surge in the interest in the Big Island.   The Big Island is really just "Hawaii" but since so many people got confused, it's commonly known as the Big Island.  And big it [...]

Free or almost activities on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is BIG, hence the name, but along with it's smaller sister islands, it has tons of things to see and do and experience for not a lot of money. Here are some of the things that you can do on the Big Island without taking a bite out of your [...]

Big Island Volcano Excursion review

As a travel professional, I often pre-book excursions for my clients and since we were going to be in the Big Island of Hawaii, I thought it was time to experience one of the activities that I recommend frequently.  While my clients have come back enjoying this excursion, I really needed to experience it myself and [...]

What is there to do in the Big Island of Hawaii?

If you saw our last blog post about top honeymoon destinations for 2016 for My Vacation Lady, you would have seen that many of our honeymooners choose Hawaii fro their dream honeymoons.  We are planning to head back to Hawaii this fall and we need to get back to the Big Island.  We haven't been [...]

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