Who doesn’t love a waterfall?

Of coursed you’ve heard of Niagara Falls.  You might have even read stories about people going over Niagara Falls in barrels and living to talk about it.  Not what I would normally do on a vacation but….

Some of the most impressive waterfalls that My Vacation Lady has ever seen (within the 50 states) has been in the Hawaiian Islands.














These are just 3 of the ones that we have seen personally in Maui, the Big Island and Kauai and took pictures of.  You can tell since the pictures aren’t as fabulous as the ones you might see in magazines but trust me, they ARE!

But if you aren’t looking to fly all the way to Hawaii— here are some more super impressive waterfalls that you can see without needing a passport.

If seeing stunning natural beauty is your thing,  let the experienced travel professionals at My Vacation Lady help you plan your next vacation or your dream honeymoon.    Whether it’s to Hawaii or Iceland to see waterfalls, Alaska to see glaciers or even the South Pacific to see some of the most gorgeous coral formations you have ever seen, we can help.