do you need travel insurance

How good is your credit card travel insurance coverage?

My Vacation Lady has been hearing from a number of our clients that they don’t need to take travel insurance because their credit card covers them.

There are so many different credit cards out there that I can’t begin to compare what they offer for travel insurance vs the insurance policies that we can offer […]

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Travel Insurance- do you need it?

Every so often, I’ll do a blog about why My Vacation Lady strongly suggests protecting your vacation or honeymoon with travel insurance.  Not only have we needed it for our personal vacations, but clients who do need to use their policy are happy that they bought it in the first place.

Of course, weather related issues […]

5 Myths About Travel Insurance

Do you really need travel insurance?   Why spend money on something you’ll likely never use?

You might want to think of travel insurance the same way you think of all the other insurances you have- car, home, life.  While you hope you never need it, you’re glad you have it when you need it.

In […]