Travel Insurance- do you need it?

If you ask 100 different travelers, you’ll get 100 different reasons either to purchase travel insurance OR not to purchase travel insurance.  It’s a personal opinion and an option, but when you book your vacation or honeymoon with My Vacation Lady, you will always be given the option to purchase travel insurance.

Why do we recommend travel insurance?  Because we’ve personally used it a couple of times.  When my husband was feeling ill on a cruise many years ago, and ended up in a hospital in Cozumel, we realized how much travel insurance came into play.

  • They paid for the hospital bill (after our health insurance paid their portion)
  • They refunded the days we weren’t on the cruise
  • They paid for new flights home
  • Their on staff medical team was in communication with the doctors in Cozumel

A couple of years ago, on our way to through the airport in Miami after a cruise to Cuba, again, that same husband was feeling sick.  An ambulance had to be called, he spent 3 days in a Miami hospital while they were trying to figure out what was wrong.  The insurance company paid for:

  • The hotel bill for me to stay in while he was in the hospital
  • The medical bills not covered by our personal health insurance
  • Flight change fees

And we received the payment in full within 2 weeks of filing a claime.

Why else does My Vacation Lady recommend travel insurance?

  • Weather- between blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, rain storms and more,  thousands of flights can be delayed or cancelled
  • Have you ever lost luggage?  We have!
  • Have you ever needed to fly home from your vacation due to an emergency back home?  Our clients have.
  • Have you ever gotten sick or injured while on your vacation and needed medical care?  We have.
  • Have you ever gotten sick before your vacation (or had an immediate family member get sick) and you had to cancel your vacation?  Our clients have.
  • Have you ever had to be medically evacuated from your vacation because of extreme injury?  Thank goodness none of My Vacation Lady’s clients have needed that but, another patient in the hospital in Cozumel with my husband had to be helicoptered back to the US.

Some travelers think that their health insurance may be good enough— but it won’t cover air or hotel or cruise or vacation package cancellation penalties.

Some travelers think that their credit cards will be good enough or their homeowner’s insurance may be enough.

It may or it may not.  Click here to read more about Travel Insurance and why we recommend it.

You can also click here to see what Forbes Magazine says about Travel Insurance.

My Vacation Lady believes in the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning.  Contact us to see how we can make a difference in your next vacation or honeymoon experience!