When will it be safe to travel after COVID-19?

Will I be able to take my June vacation to the Caribbean?  Will I be able to take my honeymoon to Greece in July? These question are the $64 million questions.  And the main problem is that we just don't know. My Vacation Lady has been in this business since 1994.  We survived 9-11, all [...]

This too shall pass

I have been a travel adviser since 1994 and we have been through Sept 11, a ton of mega disease outbreaks, hurricanes, monsoons, tsumanis and terrorism but My Vacation Lady has always bounced back from the disaster of the year. Let us try to tell you that in terms of the Coronavirus How can the [...]

Coronavirus and how it can affect your vacation

The team at My Vacation Lady is already getting calls from clients heading to Asia or even concerned about European travel for the fall about how the Coronavirus is, can or may affect their vacation plans. First, we are not physicians and the only info that we, as travel advisers, are getting is from the [...]

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