My Vacation Lady has been getting requests for more unique honeymoons- something different, life changing and something that they may never get to do again.  Island hopping between the Hawaiian islands, Greek Islands, Tahitian islands or around Fiji is very common and so is visiting multiple cities within Italy, Spain, Ireland and Costa Rica but some of our honeymooners are asking for something even more different.

Marc and Vanessa’s honeymoon to Dubai and Thailand

Recently, we have planned honeymoons to Dubai and Thailand; Dubai and Bali; Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam; Bali and Hong Kong; New Zealand and the Cook Islands; Thailand and the Maldives; Australia, New Zealand and Bora Bora; Hawaii and Tahiti; and Italy and Greece.

These honeymoons take careful planning just due to the logistics of the multiple flights.  Flights don’t run every day of the week so coordination is key in making sure that the dates are correct, especially if you are crossing the international dateline.

These vacations usually aren’t for the extremely budget minded honeymooners, since the cost of airfare can be pretty pricey.   With Emirates flying from the New York area to many European cities and from Dubai to many gateways in Asia, the logistics has been getting easier.

Does an exotic multi country honeymoon sound like something you have been dreaming of?

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