Getting Around Kauai

Kauai might be My Vacation Lady’s favorite of the Hawaiian Islands.

Wailua Falls- photo credit KL Kohn

It’s called the Garden Isle for good reason.  Think Fantasy Island.  Think Jurassic Park.  If you dream of one of the most gorgeous places on earth- lush and tropical– Kauai comes to mind.

We always recommend that our clients rent a car while in Kauai and get out of the resort area are explore the island.


Drive Times and Distances on Kauai

From To Miles  Approx. Time
Princeville (North Shore)
Waimea 52 1hr 45 min
Port Allen 47 1hr 35 min
Poipu 40 1hr 25 min
Kokee State Park 67 2hr 24 min
Lihue 40 51 min
Kapaa 25 45 min
Hanalei 4 10 min
Kapaa Waimea 35 1hr 15 min
Port Allen 30 1hr 5min
Poipu 23 52 min
Kokee State Park 50 2hr 24 min
Lihue 11 20 min
Princeville 22 50 min
Hanalei 26 1 hr
Lihue  Waimea 25 52 min
 Port Allen 20 35 min
 Poipu 13 25 min
 Kokee State Park 40 1hr 30 min
 Kapaa 11 20 min
 Princeville 28 45 min
 Hanalei 32 50 min
Poipu (South Side) Port Allen 14 30 min
Waimea 18 38 min
Kokee State Park 34 1hr 20min
Lihue 15 35 min
Kapaa 23 52 min
Princeville 40 1 hr 25 min
Hanalei 45 1 hr 36 min
Waimea (West Side)
Port Allen 8 15 min
Poipu 18 38 min
Kokee State Park 14 34 min
Lihue 25 51 min
Kapaa 35 1hr 15 min
Princeville 52 1hr 45 min
Hanalei 56 2 hr

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My Vacation Lady is a Hawaii Destination Specialist and we can certainly help you get the most out of your vacation or honeymoon to Kauai and the other Hawaiian Islands.  We’ll be the first to tell you what to pre-book and what you can do on your own.  The beauty of visiting Kauai is that all you need to do is get in your car and drive, and you can’t help but see some gorgeous scenery along the way.

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Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.