Do you want great wine on your vacation or honeymoon to Europe?


My Vacation Lady has been learning more and more about the great wine regions in Europe.

Most people have probably heard of Tuscany in Italy.  It’s been made famous by the long rolling fields of grapes that make some great wines.  Some of the well known wine towns are Chianti and Montpulciano.    The Loire Valley and Burgundy and Bordeaux are very well known in France.

Did you also realize that Spain and Portugal have great wine towns?  How about Germany, Hungary and Croatia?

Most people may think that Zinfandel was created in Germany but actually, it originated in Croatia.  It’s just called something different- Tribidrag or Crljenak Kastelanski.  Why haven’t you heard of Croatian Wine before?  Probably because their names are so hard to pronounce 🙂

Smart Traveler posted an article with 10 great wine towns in Europe.

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