For the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has been offering some fun FOODIE experiences for honeymooners who want to incorporate some type of food inspired experiences.  This week, we are going to talk about some of the cooking classes that we’ve arranged for your clients around the world.

In Greece


Treat yourselves to a fun and informative wine tour in Santorini, followed by a culinary feast filled with Santorini flavors and traditional Greek delights.The day starts with a visit to a volcanic vineyard. Stroll past the unique basket vines and learn about the local viticulture that makes Santorini’s vine-growing respected worldwide for its distinctive means of production.During the tour, visit 2 traditional wineries and taste the island’s delicious wines including Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto. You will also sample traditional Greek aperitifs such as Raki and Ouzo, and learn how to cook like a Greek under the guidance of a local chef at a traditional restaurant.Enjoy plenty of Greek appetizers along the way, and come away with some classic Greek recipes to impress your friends back home with. Of course, you’ll also get to enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of your cooking lesson! The wineries are: Boutari Winery, Gavalas Winery, Gaia Winery, Yellow Donkey (brewery) .

  • Learn to cook like a Greek by a chef in a Greek Cooking class.
  • Visit two artisan wineries in the countryside of Santorini.
  • Savor a selection of 8 different wine styles.
  • Sample traditional Greek aperitifs such as Raki and Ouzo.
  • Enjoy a fresh-cooked lunch at a traditional fine restaurant.
  • English-speaking wine expert guide, mini wine-tasting tutorial.
  • Small & personalized groups up to 8 people.
  • Explore the wine & local flavors of Santorini in a fun and interactive way.

In Italy

In Florence-

Meet one of our famous and charismatic Chefs and learn how to cook a nice Tuscan meal in the heart of Florence! Our classes are offered in our fascinating cooking school, which boasts a typical Tuscan setting with wonderful marble kitchen islands to cook on. First step: little walk to the Central Market, grocery shopping! You will go shopping with the chefs at the central market picking up the ingredients for your lunch. You will meet the butchers, the bakers, and the farmers selling vegetables from their gardens. You will learn how to distinguish the highest quality ingredients and taste local foods & wines! After this fun experience you will reach our home-like professional location and you will start putting your hands on the ingredients to create your own meal, driven by the expert guidance of our Chefs. Your menu may slightly vary depending on the season and the fresh ingredients available, but will usually be made of bruschetta, different kinds of fresh home-made pasta from scratch (i.e. tagliatelle and ravioli), sauces for the pasta, and a dessert. And then you will obviously eat the meal you prepared yourself, accompanied with two glasses of a selection of Chianti wines. As you will eat your own food, you’d better be an attentive student while the Chef is teaching! And finally get your Graduation Certificate!

In the Amalfi Coast- 

You will start your hands-on cooking class by standing around a table, assembling the ingredients and working at the menu. 1:00 pm – Lunch is served, with all the dishes prepared accompanied with the most appropriate wine.
*Hands-On Cooking Class.
*4 Course Meal.
*Local Wine during Lunch.
*English Speaking Chef

In Thailand

cooking schoolChiang Mai 

Our driver collects you from your hotel. Your destination is the Just Khao Soy restaurant, acclaimed for both its design style, and for its version of Khao Soy, the signature dish of northern Thaicuisine. The course is conducted in a dedicated teaching kitchen, used daily by those undertaking-training courses for the Just Khao Soy restaurant franchise. The cooking of each dish will be demonstrated, before you repeat the process yourself, at your own cooking station. You will be taught by our qualified chefs how to make Khao Soy – a vegetarian curry based noodle dish – the local favourite. Pad Thai – A tasty Thai noodle salad dish, the kingdoms most healthy dish. Tom Yum Gung – The kingdoms most famous spicy soup. On completion of the cooking course, you will dine on the meal you have produced in the main restaurant, and be presented with a just Khao Soy apron.

In Bali

Anika Cooking Class-Morning

Bali cooking is a creative process that is simple and a lot of fun. You can get Bali cooking lessons in Anika Bali Cooking Class after a visit to a traditional Balinese market to pick up fresh ingredients.  Here, you will learn the techniques and become familiar with the fresh herbs, spices, and other ingredients that make Balinese food delightfully tasty as well as nutritious and cleansing. Over the day we will explore different ways to blend and balance the varied flavors to create a stimulating array of unique tastes.

Blessing and cooking class

Blessing rituals and offerings play an important part in Balinese daily life. Explore and partake in traditional rituals, cleansing yourself mentally and physically, eliminating bad energy and expressing gratitude through an offering that you build. In the afternoon, travel to a flourishing garden to pick fresh ingredients for a cooking lesson, and learn to cook a classic Balinese meal. Enjoy the fruits of your labors delicious, fresh lunch while taking in the stunning natural scenery.

You can also learn to

  • prepare a Bento Box or Sushi in Japan
  • make tapas or paella in Spain
  • bake pastries or macaroons in France
  • make mozzarella cheese in Tuscany or Limincello in the Amalfi Coast or pizza and gelato in Siena (all in Italy)
  • make chocolate in St Lucia

It’s a big world out there with lots of great food.  If you want a cooking experience during your honeymoon, My Vacation Lady can help.   The Romance Travel Specialists at My Vacation Lady won’t just book a flight and hotel.  We’ll help design your honeymoon experience.

We are an award winning honeymoon travel agency and our personal approach to honeymoon planning can make a huge difference in your honeymoon experience.

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