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Honeymoons for Foodies- Part 4- Unique Culinary Experiences

When the romance team at My Vacation Lady designs a honeymoon for our foodie honeymoon clients, we try to include some unique culinary experiences to enjoy during their honeymoon.  We want to make your honeymoon as unique as you are! So what kind of unique culinary experiences can we include in your honeymoon to make [...]

Honeymoons for Foodies part 3- Cooking Classes

For the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has been offering some fun FOODIE experiences for honeymooners who want to incorporate some type of food inspired experiences.  This week, we are going to talk about some of the cooking classes that we've arranged for your clients around the world. In Greece SANTORINI COOKING CLASS & [...]

Honeymoons for Foodies- part 1- street food and food trucks

What's your definition of a "Foodie"?  If you look it up it might be defined as a gourmand or a person with a particular interest in food. My Vacation Lady's definition may be a bit different but when we ask our honeymooners if they are foodies, we mean: are you adventurous eaters? will you try [...]

Give the gift of travel

When speaking to one of My Vacation Lady's vacation specialists the other day, she told me about her family's idea on gift giving for the holidays. Something you need Something you want Something to read Something to EXPERIENCE Last year, we celebrated the holidays with our adult children on a cruise.  Our married kids got [...]

A funny thing happened when going to frame a picture I bought in Cuba!

If you have been keeping up with My Vacation Lady's blog posts,  which come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you might notice that 2 of last week's blog posts had to do with our recent cruise to Cuba on the Fathom Adonia.  Today's blog is more about my experience AFTER we returned from our [...]

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Making your European vacation an experience

My Vacation Lady won't just book your flights and hotel but will rather will create your vacation or honeymoon experience. If you are heading to Europe, these may be some unique excursions that we might recommend: London: Buzz Helicopter Shared Flight Enjoy panoramic views of iconic London landmarks from a unique perspective of central London, from [...]

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