My Vacation Lady will get inquiries about what a honeymoon should cost OR what an average honeymoon will cost.

It’s so hard to figure out what your honeymoon should cost until you really figure out

  • where you want to go for your honeymoon
  • how long you want to travel for
  • what time of year you’ll be honeymooning
  • what type of hotels or resorts you choose
  • what experiences you want to include

Just because your BFF spent $3000 going to an all- inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya or just because your sister spent $7000 going to Hawaii, doesn’t mean that the prices will be the same OR even that their honeymoon is the right honeymoon for you.  While My Vacation Lady would love to just give you a price for your dream honeymoon, there is so much more involved in planning your dream honeymoon than just going online and picking a hotel.

According to a 2017 survey by Credit Donkey, an average couple spends between $4000-5000 on their honeymoon or about 10-15% of the total wedding cost.

We tend to think that this blog post (while it is a year or so old) is not very realistic in it’s average pricing.

If planned right, you can honeymoon in Hawaii for an average of $4,000. You just have to know when to go.

Really- for how long, to which island(s)?  Does it include flights?   And what type of hotels are you staying at?  This year, we are having a very rough time finding pricing for 10 nites for less than $8000 with flights from the East Coast in 3+-4 star hotels.  Hawaii is super popular this year.

This same blog said that an average honeymoon to Bora Bora costs between $3000-5000 per person.  It doesn’t say how long the couple is staying in Bora Bora.   We  also have to assume that this doesn’t include flights because they alone (from Los Angeles to Papette, in the summer months- which is peak season for Bora Bora) can cost $1500-1800 per person.  That doesn’t include the flight from Papette to Bora Bora (about another $250 per person).  If you are looking at an over water bungalow, those can cost $850-1500 + per night.

So before looking at the kind of blog that’s going to give you an average price, consider this:

Do you want your dream honeymoon to be average?

If you want your honeymoon to be special and as unique as you are, reach out to My Vacation Lady– a top rated honeymoon travel agency.