Are you looking for over the top?  Are you looking for luxury at it’s best?  Do you wanted to be WOW’d by a hotel room and the view?

If you answered YES, then My Vacation Lady has the hotel for you!   Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia!

Jade Mountain Sanctuary

Jade Mountain Sanctuary   photo credit Jade Mountain Resort

The rooms are not called rooms or even, suites but, instead, each is a  Sanctuary.  There are only 24 of these sanctuaries and each is a work of art with an infinity pool that hangs over the side of the cliff and the views of the Pitons are amazing.  There are 5 that don’t have infinity pools but they do still have the amazing views!

This resort is made for romance and seclusion and pure luxury.  Some couples never leave their sanctuary and for good reason.

You can get a couples massage in your sanctuary with stunning views of the Pitons.   Jade Mountain has taken room service to new levels when it introduced fabulous 6 course menus for in-sanctuary dining. The chef can prepare your meal right in front of you- including  a private one hour cooking demonstration or preparing a gourmet meal just for you—- all it takes is a call to arrange.

For those couples that want to leave the privacy of their sanctuary, you can enjoy spa, complimentary yoga classes, bike along jungle paths or take walks or hikes around the lush 600 acre property.  Enjoy not one but 2 beaches, snorkel right off the beach and so much more.  If you book their Total Romance Package, it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, most alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages but also a few tours, escorted walks, guided boat snorkel tour, scuba dives (or beginner course), a spa treatment, a 1/2 day sail on the resort’s yacht and much more.

Star sanctuary infinity pool

Star sanctuary infinity pool


When My Vacation Lady, first visited Jade Mountain, we were told by the staff that “If God took a vacation, it would be to Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia.”

The 2nd time we visited, in September of 2017, we were just as WOW’d.

Just from these 2 pictures, can you see why?

For a vacation or honeymoon of a lifetime, Jade Mountain might certainly fit the bill.

My Vacation Lady can help you plan this vacation or honeymoon of a lifetime– just reach out to us.