Wailua Falls- photo credit KL Kohn

Wailua Falls- photo credit KL Kohn

Kauai is an island that doesn’t necessarily pop to the front of the line when people talk about a vacation to Hawaii but it is probably our favorite island.

My Vacation Lady has been to Kauai a number of times and we do have to say, we love it.

When we first started in this business, hardly any of our clients would go to Kauai for more than 3 nights.  Now, Kauai is probably asked for as much as Maui and our clients stay in Kauai equally as long or even longer. .

Kauai is not for those that want a nonstop party or nightclubs or hotels side by side along a beach.

The outdoors is Kauai’s entertainment.

For those who want beautiful scenery, lots of activities, beautiful beaches and a bit of serenity, Kauai may be ideal for you.

Read about some of the activities and things to see, do and experience on Kauai, that will make you pack your bags right now!

My Vacation Lady can help plan your dream honeymoon or vacation to Kauai and we’d be happy to share our tips on how to make your Kauai vacation fabulous.