Sometimes, the Team at My Vacation Lady gets requests for destinations or activities that makes us question why the client wants to go there or do that specific activity.

A month or so ago, we were working on a Mediterranean cruise for clients that was doing a round trip Barcelona itinerary.  The client wanted to go from London to Paris on the Eurostar train through the Chunnel Tunnel.  Seemed a bit out of the way and when we questioned the client further, we found out that he didn’t really want to visit either London or Paris.  He wanted to go on the train for the view!

The client thought that the train through the Chunnel (as it is commonly called) would be like an aquarium.  In actuality, it is an undersea tunnel linking southern England and northern France going under the English Channel.  At it’s deepest, the tunnel is just under 250 feet below sea level.  It consists of 1 train tunnel running south, 1 running north and a service tunnel.  It’s the longest underwater train tunnel in the world but it is NOT an aquarium.  It’s DARK inside the (without the installed lights).  It doesn’t have glass walls so you are not seeing any fish swimming around the train, which is what our clients were thinking.

Check out this Video 

Like the Lincoln Tunnel or the Holland Tunnel, linking New York and New Jersey, the Chunnel makes it a nice easy way to get from one country to the other.  It’s a bit under 2 hours and 15 minutes from central London to central Paris.  It’s a great means of travel but you don’t go for the view!

The Team and My Vacation Lady works closely with our clients to ensure that we can envision their vacation or honeymoon dreams.  We’ll ask lots of questions, some that they may not have thought about, so that we can plan a seamless and stress free vacation.  Our goal is that our client’s vacation or honeymoon planning is as easy and stress free as the vacation itself!  Reach out to our team  to see how our personalized service can make a difference in your vacation or honeymoon planning!