Many times, My Vacation Lady will get asked, “why should we use a travel agent to plan our honeymoon?”

It’s a reasonable question.  In this day and age, it’s very easy to go online and book flights and vacations, too for that matter.  So when should you use a honeymoon specialist and when should you DIY?

When to use a honeymoon specialist:

1. Use a honeymoon specialist when you want this trip to be unlike any other vacation you have taken- when you want it to be special

2. Use a honeymoon specialist when you are looking at destinations and getting more and more confused over which is right for you.

3.  Use a honeymoon specialist when everyone is telling you where to go —- because that’s where they went or that’s where they would have liked to have gone or because the Bachelor just had an episode there.

4.  Use a honeymoon specialist when you are looking at a multi-destination honeymoon and you need to get the logistics right

5. Use a honeymoon specialist when you want to make sure you are going to get the experience of a lifetime.

When you should just Do It Yourself:

1. You found a Groupon or Living Social special that you couldn’t pass up.

2.  Your using Aunt Mary’s time share

3.  You are using miles for the flights and hotel

4.  You just want something fast and cheap and aren’t looking for someone’s expert advice

5.  You think you can do it better or cheaper on your own.

We’ll never tell you that you have to use a honeymoon specialist or any travel agent that you don’t feel comfortable with but IF you want your honeymoon to be special and one that you’ll remember for a lifetime, we would certainly recommend using a travel professional who specializes in honeymoons.

As the top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to the brides and grooms of Wedding Wire and The Knot, we won’t tell you that your honeymoon should be special—- we’ll make it special.

My Vacation Lady isn’t just a travel agent.  We are your honeymoon designer.  We customize every honeymoon package to meet your dreams and budget.  You only get one chance at a first honeymoon.  Don’t you want the best?