Sometimes it’s not about the beautiful resorts but more about the beauty of the scenery that you’ll see once you leave the resort grounds.  My Vacation Lady encourages our clients to get out and explore their surroundings whether by car, bus, helicopter or by foot.

Kalalua Trail-brochureOn one of our visits to Kauai, we drove up to the North Shore and ended our drive in Ke’e Beach.  This is the gateway to the Kalalau Trail– an 11 mile hike up the scenic Napali Coast.  While we didn’t attempt it (we know our limitations 🙂 ), there were tons of hikers coming down from the trail covered in mud.  Some only hiked the first 2 miles while others were hiking further in.

Fodor’s lists the Kalalua Trail as one of their 7 best hikes within the U.S.

This 11-mile trail leads from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach on the island of Kauai and serves as the only land access to this part of the coast. This rugged landscape reveals jagged cliffs, steep, narrow valleys, an array of tropical plant species, and idyllic ocean views. For the advanced hiker, this trip should take a full day, but plan to start early as the afternoon heat can be stifling. Along the way, you’ll traverse 5 valleys before ending at Kalalau Beach. While the trail is typically graded and maintained, frequent flash floods and dramatic weather patterns tend to create a few obstacles. For a shorter, more accessible hike, the trail from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapi’ai is only two miles and affords beautiful coastal views. A word on swimming: While there are limited areas that allow for swimming, take caution as strong tides and currents have caused many drownings over the years. These areas are best for experienced ocean swimmers.

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Are there other hikes that you think are better than Fodor’s choices?

If you love to hike, we can certainly recommend some great hikes around the world!  My Vacation Lady won’t just book a trip for you.  We’ll plan your vacation or honeymoon experience.