My Vacation Lady has helped thousands of engaged couples plan their dream honeymoons over the years.

Some plan to take their honeymoons right after the wedding but others are  waiting a few months after the wedding to be able to really figure out what you want to do and how much money you want to budget for your honeymoon.

These days, the bride’s family isn’t always paying for the wedding and many couples find themselves paying for part of their weddings, if not all of it.  With that huge outlay of money, sometimes there isn’t enough left over for their dream honeymoons.  So what can you do?

  • Create a honeymoon registry,  For many of our couples who are already living together, rather than getting more towels or a coffee pot for the bride’s shower, they can register for honeymoon experiences.
  • Make a realistic budget.  Airfare alone is a major expense so just seeing how much airfare will cost to go to your dream honeymoon destination (like Italy or Hawaii or Tahiti) will help you eliminate some destinations that are just out of reach.
  • Plan to wait a couple of months after the wedding so that you can recoup some savings and you’ll also have some wedding gifts to use.

Here are some other ideas on how to avoid making financial mistakes on your honeymoon.

As the top rated honeymoon specialist in the state of New Jersey, according to the couples on Wedding Wire and the Knot, My Vacation Lady  uses a unique combination of personal consultations and our experience to design honeymoons that will fit your dreams and budget.

While we are not miracle workers, we will try to match your dreams to your budget.  Give us a call and see how we can enhance your honeymoon experience!