My Vacation Lady works with many, many honeymoon couples that travel all over the world on their honeymoons and we always try to provide good advice on what to pack and what to bring with them on their honeymoons.

We understand that you, as newlyweds are so proud of your new wedding rings and want to show them off but should you bring good jewelry with you on your honeymoon?


Did you realize that if you are going swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, you can’t wear any jewelry in the water with the dolphins?  That means, if you are wearing your engagement ring and wedding band, earrings or necklaces, you must take them off and put them in a locker or leave them in the hotel safe.

How comfortable do you feel putting your engagement ring and wedding band in a locker at the dolphin water center?

Just another example, you are in the ocean enjoying the blue waters and your rings get loose because the water is chilly.  I have experienced this personally and felt as if my rings would just slide off my fingers.  I have had cases where necklace clasps have come undone or chains have broken.

Not that we are trying to scare any of you, but when I travel personally or on business, I leave my good jewelry at home and only wear or take jewelry that I wouldn’t be very upset over if I lost or broke while on my trip.

My Vacation Lady won’t be the first honeymoon specialist to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are certainly the right honeymoon specialists to make your honeymoon special.

Contact us and set up your honeymoon consultation and we are confident you’ll see how we can help plan your dream honeymoon.