A number of years ago, My Vacation Lady was asked to help a family plan a vacation.  Sounds pretty standard until we heard that their youngest (a 3 year old boy) had severe food allergies.  He had allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts and gluten.  To add more to the mix, his family followed a vegetarian diet.  This little boy had never eaten a meal in a restaurant for fear of triggering an allergic reaction.

After speaking to the client, his mother, we put her in touch with the chefs at Walt Disney World to talk to them about what he could and couldn’t eat.  This little boy came home from the vacation thrilled (not only that he spent a week in Disney) but also that he could eat in a restaurant with his family!

YES, you can still travel with food allergies.  My Vacation Lady has the insight into where you can go and how to make your vacation more risk free when it comes to food allergies.

We have planned a honeymoon for a bride who has severe wheat allergies.  By putting her in touch with the right people at the resort, she was assured that her food would be prepared to accommodate her allergies.  The bride was so pleased with the handling of her food allergy that they returned to the same resort for their 2nd anniversary.

Cruise lines and some all inclusive resorts do great jobs with handling dietary restrictions.  Many show what may be gluten free, dairy free and  vegan right on the menu.  Sometimes it takes a bit of extra planning on our part to ensure that our clients food allergies can be accommodated but it is certainly something that we are used to handling.

When it comes to planning your vacation or honeymoon, My Vacation Lady is here to make it as easy and stress free as possible, so if you have any special dietary requests or needs, let us know in advance so that we can ensure your vacation is allergy free.