In the past, a few of countries required that travelers visiting have adequate medical insurance to cover any healthcare services required during a visit to their country.  Now, more and more countries are requiring that tourists carry Travel Insurance to enter their borders.

Gullfoss, Iceland

In a recent report Allianz Partners noted:

15 of the 26 Schengen nations (a combination of European Union countries and independent nations like Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) currently require some type of insurance for visitors, students and expats.

Additionally, Cuba, Ecuador, Qatar, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the U.S. are requiring the same. On Aug. 28, 2018, Egypt announced its plans to introduce mandatory compulsory insurance; and Thailand is currently undergoing a debate on mandatory travel insurance for visiting tourists.

If tourists couldn’t show proof of medical insurance, they would be required to purchase it on site or be denied entry into the country.

Visitors to Cuba must have proof of travel health insurance upon entry. Those who can’t provide immigration control with proof of coverage are forced to buy insurance from the local Cuban insurance provider, which has an office in the airport.

Beginning Sept. 12, 2018, all tourists to Ecuador have been required to have a valid health insurance policy. Egypt’s new policy will require personal accident insurance, coverage for total disability and death, along with treatment for medical expenses.

For Americans on Medicare, emergency medical care outside of the U.S. is not covered.  Supplemental plans may provide limited coverage but if you need medical evacuation, you will be on your own for the $50,000+ cost.

While not fun or a part of your vacation that will create great photos, trust me, you will be happy that you have travel insurance when you need it.

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