Stephanie and Pat are 2 single women in their 50’s who travel together annually.  They have gone to Punta Cana multiple times over the years and love it.  They were scheduled to go to the Majestic Mirage from June 15-22 of this year, amidst the media frenzy about deaths in the Dominican Republic.

I wanted to share the email that I received very shortly after their return:

Once again, what a fantastic time Pat and I had at Majestic Mirage. When we read about all the deaths and mishaps in the Dominican Republic, we hesitated for a minute to cancel but that minute didn’t last long. We trust you as our travel consultant and felt if the Dominican Republic wasn’t safe, you would have notified us. We made the decision to go, June 15-22, 2019, and…. what an AWESOME/WONDERFUL/FANTASTIC time we had, once again at the Mirage. People were talking about what they read in the news… but it quickly passed. All the people we met just wanted to have a good time and leave the negativity out of any conversations we had. Let’s say, the fun started the moment we took our seats on the plane and never let up.

Again, age, race, sex, married, single, sexual orientation, political party, US citizen, or citizen from another country.. nothing mattered. We were there to have a great time and we did to the tenth power. We met regulars who have visited the resort several times to newbies, who haven’t taken a vacation in years or first time to this resort.

There aren’t enough words we can say about several staff members at the Mirage resort. Let me start by saying all the staff were wonderful but the following were exceptional and made out stay more enjoyable.

German  – Beach Concierge. German always had a smile on his face. We met him on the beach and since the first drink he delivered to us, it was a connection right away. He talked with us, always made sure we had fresh drinks and removed the “old” drinks right away. I asked him where people were getting fresh coconuts from and he told me “down the beach”.. the next day he saw me in the pool by the beach and told me to wait one minute, I looked up and he had a fresh coconut for me. It was greatly appreciated and I will remember it always.

Denny – Mirage Club and French restaurant… OMG there are soo many positive things to say about Denny. Her smile and personality is unbelievable… from the first time we met her we knew she was special. She made us fresh Lobster wraps almost every day. She would see us coming and always greet us with a hug. She knew I loved fresh coconut so made sure I had some each day I saw her. She always gave us bottled water to make sure we stayed hydrated. Those little extra things made for a pleasant stay.

Reynaldo – our butler…at first we were skeptical, because we expected to have the butler we had on a previous stay, but he assured us he would take care of us. Well from that moment on, he took really good care of us. Text messages several times a day to check on us and see if we needed anything. Made all our dinner and spa reservations, different “specialty” pillows every night, kept the scented candles burning daily, confirmed our return trip to the airport so Pat and I can continue to enjoy the sun rays. Rose petals in the room, a cake and balloons. We locked ourselves out of the room one day and he came right over and opened the door. He drove us to our spa appointment and picked us up when we were done. Reynaldo is great at his job, he makes sure his “clients” are enjoying every minute they can while at the resort while he takes care of the little/very important things. We felt very comfortable with him and knowing he was only a text away made things very easy for us. We will definitely ask for him when we return to the Mirage.

Kelvin, Johan and Alfredo from the entertainment staff were awesome. They kept us involved in the activities, dancing on the plaza or after the shows. Each one of them are very energetic and we really enjoyed them.

Elroy – the beach bar concierge – was extremely friendly. He was very attentive to our needs and would make us drinks when he seen us approaching. He even danced a few songs with us.

Once again, I would highly recommend this resort. Wait, I did lose my voice a little; from all the partying and screaming we did at the foam party and dance club.

Kudos to Mindy for planning another great vacation. Good times had by all….Pat and I plan on returning for a fourth stay at the Majestic properties.


Stephanie and Pat

This email came directly from my clients.  I only took out last names of the staff that they included so that I could send it to the resort for an extra plug for those employees.

As Stephanie wrote, if I, My Vacation Lady, felt that it wasn’t safe for them to travel to Punta Cana, I would have changed them in a minute but I didn’t think twice about the safety.  There can always be things going on in travel destinations, just as you would find at home.   Life doesn’t come with guarantees.

If my clients don’t feel comfortable traveling to any destination in the world, we won’t force them.  We’ll do everything in our power to assist with changes as needed.

Would I go to Punta Cana now?  YES.

The decision is yours to make if YOU want to go.  I’m glad that Stephanie and Pat went and had these great comments to tell us about upon their return.