Why should you go to the Cayman Islands for your next vacation? 

  • It will be pricier than a vacation in Mexico or Jamaica
  • It doesn’t have many all inclusive resorts
  • There aren’t tons of non stop flights there from many airports

View of the beach at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman
















Well, I just gave you 3 reasons why NOT to go to the Cayman Islands but there are a couple of big reasons TO GO to the Cayman Islands

  • The beaches are gorgeous
  • It is zika free
  • Did I mention the gorgeous beaches?

So if you decide that you want to enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Grand Cayman, what else is there to do there?

Here are some fun things to do when in the Cayman Islands:

  1.  Visit Sting Ray City–  no it’s not a city but rather an off shore sand bar where you can get in the waist high water and interact with these gentle creatures
  2. Go to Hell–  again, you are not going the the Hell that you are thinking but rather the town of Hell in Grand Cayman.  It’s not much more than a gift shop on a road surrounded by black craggy volcanic rocks.  You can buy a tee shirt and have a postcard sent that will be postmarked from HELL.
  3. Scuba Diving-  known for great diving, The Cayman Islands have over 365 marked dive sites.   Hop a boat over to Cayman Brac and check out the sunken Russian Warship and tons of fish.  Head to Little Cayman and dive thru the tunnels and crevices over to Bloody Bay Wall.
  4. Visit a turtle farm – You can swim with turtles at the Cayman Turtle Center and a day of fun (Turtle Center Exploration Tour) starts at only $18 per adult and 1/2 that for kids.  You can upgrade to the Turtle Adventure Tour for more money and more fun!
  5. Snorkel at Smith’s Cove – This beautiful cove is a secluded part of the beach near Georgetown and it’s one of Cayman’s most popular beaches for locals.  So head away from your resort for the day, get some snorkeling gear and check out the gorgeous views and snorkeling
  6. Hike the Mastic Trail– this 2 mile long path cuts through the best of the Cayman Island’s last surviving native forest.  You’ll hike thru mangroves, see plant life and wild life and you might even be able to see wild coffee.  Just so you don’t have to really exert yourselves, there is a convenient walk way to make this path even easier.
  7. Relax at Seven Mile Beach- there is nothing wrong with just vegging out on the beach and when you  stay along this gorgeous beach, you can see some amazing sunsets, snorkel right off the beach in the crystal clear water and just relax on the powdery sand.

Grand Cayman may not fit everyone’s idea of an ideal vacation but if you love beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, great food and more, reach out to the team at My Vacation Lady  and we can see if it may fit your dreams and budget.