Which is the best Caribbean Island for you?

Wow, this is a hard one to answer quickly because there are so many great islands in the Caribbean and each one is a bit different.

caribbean mapThere is one thing that each island in the Caribbean has—- the Caribbean Sea.  Yes, each island is surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Caribbean but what goes on beyond those beaches is very different.

According to an article by IndependentTraveler.com, these are islands that you should consider:

  • If you are a hiker— consider Domincia
  • If you are a foodie– try St. Barth’s (but there are also great restaurants in Barbados and Aruba)
  • If you are wild about watersports, head to the British Virgin Islands but the same can be said for the US Virgin islands and so many more of the Caribbean Islands.
  • If you want something Off the Beaten Path, try Saba– definitely one of the less touristy islands in the Caribbean
  • If you want culture and history, try Puerto Rico.  The same might be said for Cuba too.
  • If you want the ultimate in romance, head to St Lucia.  Definitely one of the more romantic islands with some of the most unique hotels.
  • if you want an active night life, head to St Maarten.  Aruba and  San Juan can also have some evening action as well.
  • If you want great beaches– head to Aruba.  No denying that but Antigua, Anquilla and the Dominican Republic also have some fabulous beaches.
  • If you want variety, check out Martinique.  With a combination of waterfalls, beautiful beaches, great shopping and food, this French island my fit the bill for you.
  • If you are looking for family fun, head to the Bahamas.  Is Bahamas the only great island for families?  Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Aruba also are great family destinations.

So with all the islands in the Caribbean to choose from, how do you make the choice?

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