Tropical Honeymoons aren’t only about the beach

So many of My Vacation Lady's honeymooners start off saying that they just want to lay on the beach with a drink in their hand, but when we delve a bit deeper, that may only be 1/2 of the time.  The other time, they might be looking to mix it up with some activities and [...]

Where can you find the best nightlife in the Caribbean?

There are lots of sleepy islands in the Caribbean where there is little to no nightlife.  My Vacation Lady recently spoke to a couple that didn't want to go somewhere that closed down at 9pm, so for Meghan and Blaine, this is for you.... Some of the top islands for a nightlife in the Caribbean [...]

Which is the best Caribbean Island for you?

Which is the best Caribbean Island for you? Wow, this is a hard one to answer quickly because there are so many great islands in the Caribbean and each one is a bit different. There is one thing that each island in the Caribbean has---- the Caribbean Sea.  Yes, each island is surrounded by the [...]

Holiday Shopping in the Caribbean

Most people don't think of the Caribbean as a huge shopping destination but trust us, you can do some serious holiday shopping in many of the Caribbean Islands. So in addition to fun in the sun, great beaches and beautiful resorts, another great reason to visit the Caribbean is duty free shopping! In this article [...]

A honeymoon in the Caribbean is not just about beaches

Not everyone's idea of a dream honeymoon is one that involves the beach, the beach and more of the beach.  While beaches in the Caribbean are some of the prettiest in the world, spending a week or 10 days in just a beach destination may not be your idea of paradise. With My Vacation Lady's [...]

Destination Report- Barbados

You really can never truly know a destination until you experience it personally and that is exactly what we did in early June of 2016.  My Vacation Lady packed her bags and headed out to a week long stay in Barbados.  For most people, a week long stay in an island would be a vacation [...]

Great beaches in the Caribbean for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

What-- you haven't heard of Stand-up Paddle Boarding?  Where have you been since this sport has exploded in popularity in the last 10 years or so?  Originally a part of ancient Polynesian cultures, this craze has spread from everywhere from the beaches of Hawaii to lakes within the continental U.S. to some fabulous beaches in [...]

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Great Honeymoon Destination- Aruba

Picture an island paradise where the weather is almost always 82-degrees a few clouds scattered across the sky.  Picture a Caribbean island surrounded by the  clear aqua sea along white beaches.  Picture an island where you don't need to worry about hurricanes.  You've just pictured Aruba. This island in the southern Caribbean is the perfect [...]

Why Aruba?

With 28 island nations in the Caribbean, you have a hard choice trying to decide which is the best for your vacation or honeymoon.  But if you picture an island paradise where the weather is almost always 82-degrees a few clouds scattered across the sky and a  Caribbean island surrounded by the  clear turquoise waters along [...]

Destination Report- Jamaica

The island of Jamaica may be the third largest in the Caribbean but it's so much more than just beaches. It is ideally located to the west of the island of Hispanolia, to the south of Cuba and southeast of Grand Cayman.  The trade winds help to maintain a near constant temperature between 77 and [...]

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