My Vacation Lady was very excited to read this in the Hawaii News Now and we hope the good news will continue among more airlines and scheduled routes.

Opaeka’a falls, Kauai

Just in time for the reopening of Hawaii Tourism on Oct 15, 2020

United Airlines will become the first US airline to offer COVID-19 testing for passengers ― just in time for Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program.

Starting on Oct. 15, United passengers flying from San Francisco to Hawaii will be given the option to take a rapid COVID-19 (NAAT) test at the airport or an at-home, mail-in test before their trip.

The rapid test, which will cost $250, provides results in roughly 15 minutes.

Those opting to take the $80 mail-in test will be asked to request the test 10 days before their trip and submit their sample within 72 hours of their flight.

Officials said the rapid test meets the qualifications of the state’s pre-travel testing program, also set to launch Oct. 15, which allows visitor who test negative for COVID-19 to avoid quarantine.

The mail-in test is still being evaluated.

Hawaii’s Lt Gov worked with United to create this testing protocol and we are super excited that it’s starting.  Even though only 1 airport is starting now (San Francisco), we hope it will be expanded to others.

Hawaiian Airlines is the latest to offer on-site Covid testing.  

The carrier is partnering with Worksite Labs, a company that provides on-site mobile labs and PCR testing equipment, to conduct the Droplet Digital PCR shallow nasal swab tests. Hawaiian plans to begin offering the service beginning October 15, allowing those who test negative within 72 hours of departure, to be exempt from the state’s 14-day quarantine order.

“Worksite Labs is proud to offer Hawaiian this innovative solution as we work to combat the current pandemic and provide more testing options so travelers can understand their COVID-19 status and enjoy their trip to Hawai’i while stimulating the local economy,” said Gary Frazier, CEO of Worksite Labs.

Initially, Hawaiian will conduct the tests near Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO) international airports, with more testing locations coming soon at its other U.S. mainland gateways. The tests will cost $90 for results within 36 hours, or $150 for day-of-travel express service.

We hear that Lufthansa Airlines is also offering this testing for passengers.  United has been using it for their pilots and flight attendants.

Yes, the $250 per person cost is pricey.  Would you go to Hawaii if this was an option??

My Vacation Lady is a Hawaii Destination Specialist and we LOVE Hawaii.  We feel so bad for our client who have had to cancel or postpone their vacations and honeymoons to Hawaii during the last 6 months.  This looks like a positive sign of things to come!!

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