Fiji is a popular South Pacific honeymoon destination for My Vacation Lady‘s honeymooners.   It’s exotic. It’s not a place you can easily go back to year after year and the local islanders are among the friendliest in the world.  Bula not only means welcome- it is also a way of life!

If you are looking for some unique cultural experiences on your honeymoon, there are some in Fiji that may interest you.

  • First, you’ll be welcomed by the resort employees with a song.  In many cases, since there are 333 islands in Fiji, you’ll be arriving at your resort by boat and the choir will meet you at the boat dock.  The same when you depart.  These welcome and farewell songs will instantly make you feel the warmth of the Fijian people.
  • Take a village tour- when Shauna and Josh were on their honeymoon, one of the things that they did was to visit a local town and visit a local school and were invited into a local home.  Many of the resorts will schedule a village tour for it’s guests and some may also include a visit to a local church to worship.
  • Take part in a Kava Ceremony- Kava is the national drink (also called grog or yaqona) and is made from the root of a pepper plant which produces a temporary numbing sensations in the mouth.  This is typically offered at important gatherings and celebrations or just to welcome you to their island as their show of appreciation.
  • If you are going to be in the Pacific Harbor, you might have the opportunity to see a Meke dance show (one of the best is at the Arts Village of Pacific Harbor- but you’ll probably get to see one at your resort too).  It might be equated to the Hawaiian Hula where the dancers use rhythmic movement to tell their legends and stories.  It may also include speak dancing and chanting.  The dancers were grass skirts and flower necklaces during the show and the men wear full warrior costume.

If you want a bit more romance than culture, try some of these experiences:

  • One of the top resorts in Fiji is Namale Resort and Spa.  Tara and Matt are headed out there in August for their honeymoon.  Included in the all inclusive package is breakfast cliffside overlooking the sea, lunch set up for just one couple at a beautiful waterfall and dinner on the beach with your toes in the sand.
  • Many of the resorts will set up a beachside picnic for their guests.  At Matangi Private Island Resort, the staff will take one couple to their private beach at Horseshoe Bay where they will be dropped off to enjoy a picnic, nap in a hanging bed or swim in the private lagoon.  A spa treatment can also be arranged.  Ready to come back?  Radio the resort and the staff will be back to pick you up.  Qamea Resort offers a similar private beach lunch at Honeymoon Beach. The staff provides the transportation, the gourmet picnic lunch and snorkeling gear.
  • Enjoy your own private plunge pool.  There are a number of resorts that offer this as a special room category but every one of Royal Davui’s vales have their own plunge pool.
  • Pamper yourself with a couple’s spa treatment. Some resort spas are open air in the jungle or beachfront.  What can be more romantic?

If you are looking for a honeymoon experience rather than just a tropical beach vacation, Fiji may be a good option.

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