Italy is a top honeymoon and vacation destination for the team of My Vacation Lady  but it’s not a cheap destination to travel to.

We always try to give our clients suggestions on what they can see and do that won’t break the bank and found a good number of FUN and FREE things to see, do an experience.  Don’t you love the words Fun and Free?

People Watching

Many times, a fun way to spend a few hours is just to sit and people watch.   Relax on a bench of the Piazzas with a cup of coffee or a gelato and watch the people walking by.  One of the best places to people watch is just sitting on the Spanish Steps.

Feeling Spiritual

St Peter’s Basilica is the Rome’s most famous Renaissance church in Vatican City.  It’s a must see and guess what—- IT’S FREE.  Just get there early to avoid long lines.

Stroll the holy grounds of the Vatican for free as well!


Most of us have heard of the Trevi Fountain since it’s been in so many movies.  Stop by and throw a coin into the fountain.  The legend is, if you do, you’ll return to Rome again.


Parks and Gardens

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with a visit to one of the Eternal City’s parks.  Villa Borghese is the largest public park.  You can also rent a bike and peddle by a few museums.

Parco del Gianicolo offers spectacular views at night from Janiculum Hill.

Best neighborhoods to see the different sides of Rome

Stroll across the Tiber River and explore the Trastevere neighborhood.  With it’s narrow streets and lots of restaurants, it’s also a great place for a food tour.

The Jewish Ghetto is hidden in the heart of the city.  Once dirty and cramped, it’s now one of Rome’s most desirable neighborhoods.

The Quartiere Coppede is Rome’s smallest district and it’s a magical place to stroll around and admire the  jumble of architectural styles from Gino Coppede.


What is a better way to absorb the culture than by visiting a neighbor market.  If you want an authentic market experience, head to Piazza San Giovanni in the Monteverde neighborhood. This is where Romans come to shop for fresh produce, meat, fish, and more.

Rome’s most famous market is  Campo de’ Fiori, known for it’s fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.   At night, the square is crowded with bar goers and locals spilling out from restaurants.

It’s not all about how much you can spend, when you book your vacation or honeymoon with My Vacation Lady.  It’s all about the experiences you’ll have.