Over the last few weeks, My Vacation Lady has tried to encourage honeymooners to think about the important things to consider when planning their dream honeymoons.  Nothing comes close to the knowledge and expertise of an experienced honeymoon specialist when planning your honeymoon but step #5 gives you more to think about-your budget.

Step 5- What is the budget for your honeymoon?

What are you comfortable spending on your honeymoon?

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Many engaged couples will come to My Vacation Lady for a consultation without a realistic  idea of what their dream honeymoon will cost.

What is a couple to do when they realize that their budget doesn’t match their dreams? 

  • Re-evaluate your dream honeymoon.
    • Is there a less expensive time of year that you can go?
    • Can you cut down the number of nights to get your dream room?
    • Can you lower your room category to get into the resort you want?
    • Can you fly from different airports or take connecting flights to save money?
  • Is the destination more important than the resort?
    • If it is, can you switch to a lower priced resort?
    • Will you accept a lower priced room (but perhaps give up some of the view)?
    • If you must have that certain room or view, can you stay in a lower level room for a couple of nights and then switch to the dream room for the last 2-3 nights to give you that experience?
  • Is the resort the main reason you are going to that destination?
    • If you are dying  to go to a specific resort, would you consider that resort in a different destination.
    • For instance, Sandals has resorts all over the Caribbean.  Secrets and Excellence resorts have resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  Would another property in the resort chain be similar enough to allow you to get the room category you want, in perhaps, a lower priced destination or with less expensive airfare?

What happens when your budget and honeymoon dreams are just too far apart?

Likuliku beachfront bure

One of My Vacation Lady’s roles in helping to plan our clients’ dream honeymoons is to make sure that the destination and resort our honeymooners are asking for matches their dreams.  They may come to us with one idea of what their dream honeymoon would be and leave the consultation with a suggestion for something else  that might fit their dreams and budget even more.

If you are 100% sure of your dream honeymoon, and  it may seem like your dream honeymoon will never come to be, all is not hopeless.  Would you consider:

  • A honeymoon registry?
  • Postponing your honeymoon by a couple of months so you could save more money?
  • Taking a mini-moon and take your dream honeymoon for your 1 year anniversary?

The last thing My Vacation Lady wants you to do is to spend more than you are comfortable with and have to go into debt for a honeymoon.  There are options and choices out there.  One of them will likely fit your dreams and budget.

My Vacation Lady is the top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to couples on both Wedding Wire and the Knot .  We take the personal approach to honeymoon planning and take the time to get to know you before making any recommendations.

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