Traveling to Cancun and the Riviera Maya- will you feel safe?

One of My Vacation Lady’s  team members is currently in Mexico and sent us some information on how the resort was handling the safety protocols for Covid-19.

Upon Arrival

There is hand sanitizer everywhere – ten times more than I have seen back home! And the staff will greet you with the sanitizer at every restaurant, concierge desk and bar. Upon entering the resort you first step on a sanitizing floor mat. A thermal camera is facing the door and will discreetly take your temperature. I didn’t even notice it when I walked in.

Check In: 

The check-in process was a breeze and completely hands-free! At check-in, you are given a QR code to scan which will guide you through a quick health questionnaire. The front desk also has a plastic divider wall between the guests and the staff. All of the staff are wearing masks AND face-shields. Guests are encouraged to wear masks but not required (fine by me, there is hardly anyone here!).


All toiletries, glasses and even the tv remote were sanitized then wrapped in plastic. My suitcase was also sanitized and brought up to the room, however, the concierge politely asked to leave the suitcase at the door entryway as part of their social distancing guidelines (totally cool with me!).


All of the restaurant tables are spaced 6-10 feet apart from one another. And there is a QR code to scan at every restaurant in order to view the menu online. I know some guests like to get away from technology when enjoying a vacation but here you definitely need your phone with you for dining.

Every time someone sat down, even for a minute to grab a quick drink, the bartender brought the guest hand sanitizer then completely wiped the chair & bar as soon as they got up. The waiter also used tongs to place silverware on my table – no touching.

Buffets are not self serve.  There are attendants to put your choices on your plate.

None of this is news to us.  We have been hearing from all of our traveling colleagues that the resorts that are open in Mexico are all following the same protocol.  Most have said that they felt safer at the resorts than at home.

My Vacation Lady can’t tell you when you feel safe to travel again, but when you are ready, we are here for you.