Many of our honeymooners find My Vacation Lady on some of the major wedding websites like Wedding Wire or the Knot.  We are the highest rated honeymoon specialists located in New Jersey on both of those sites so we receive lots of calls and emails from honeymooners who have found us on these sites and are looking for help planning their dream honeymoons.

Since so many of our honeymooners are paying for their own weddings or in the process of buying homes, so the honeymoon budget becomes an important part of the planning process.  Part of our job, as honeymoon specialists, is to match the honeymoon to the clients and to their budget.

What happens when the budget is unrealistic?  Everyone is looking for a good value and My Vacation Lady certainly gives our clients great value for their honeymoon dollars but we must ask our clients this question:  “do you want to book the cheapest honeymoon- regardless of quality or do you want a honeymoon that you’ll remember fondly for a lifetime?”

My Vacation Lady has been helping couples plan honeymoons since 1994 and every couple will tell us that this is going to be a “once in a lifetime experience” and they want it to be special and rightfully so.  A honeymoon only happens once and there are no re-do’s for your first honeymoon.

We have spoken to many colleagues who face the same situation in different parts of the country. My Vacation Lady  can’t help plan a $2500 honeymoon to Hawaii when airfare alone is $1000 per person unless the couple is willing to go for only 2 nights.  We can’t send you to Tahiti in an over water bungalow for $3000 when the cost of airfare is more than that.  We can’t create flights that don’t exist.  We can’t get resorts to cut their pricing in half or thirds because you want to go there and it is higher than you think it should be.  Honeymoon specialists don’t set prices.

Now that I told you what honeymoon specialists can’t do, let me tell you what My Vacation Lady can do.

  • We can sit down with you and talk in detail about what your honeymoon dreams are.
  • We can make suggestions based on our experience and knowledge of destinations and resorts that cater to honeymooners.
  • We can offer you realistic options within your budget and tell you what your honeymoon dreams may really cost.
  • We can give you options on destinations, resorts and room categories so that you can make the decision that is right for you.
  • We can offer you destination information so that you’ll know what there is to see and do in your destination and we can help pre-book excursions and activities, if that is what you want.
  • We might be able to get you complimentary upgrades or additional amenities.
  • We will offer you the VALUE for your honeymoon budget.

When thinking about planning your honeymoon, you need to consider whether you just want cheap or whether you want VALUE.

If you opt for value, My Vacation Lady can certainly help.