Do you love beer?  

Beer related travel can include visiting breweries, brew pubs and tap rooms have becoming really popular in the last couple of years.  It’s becoming just as popular as traveling to wine destinations to visit vineyards.

What are the most popular international destinations for beer lovers?

  1. No beer bucket list would be complete if Munich, Germany wasn’t on it.  Every year, beer aficionados flock to Munich for their 16 day Oktoberfest festival.  Even if you can’t make it to Munich during Oktoberfest, you can still enjoy the legendary beer gardens and it’s famous 425 year old brewery, Hofbrauhaus.

    Richard enjoying a beer at Oktoberfest!

  2. Montreal, Canada has been perfecting the art of microbrewery for a couple of decades now.   The beer brewed in Montreal can be defined by its color, like blonde, rousee, ambree or noir rather than its style.  Check out the world famous Le Cheval Blanc – a must visit microbrewery!
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands is home to some of the most popular brands like Heineken and Amstel but this town is one that has been famous for beer for many years.  The locals enjoy their pints of pils at neighborhood pubs called brown bars (deemed as brown from the nicotine stained interiors)
  4. Dublin, Ireland is home to the Guiness Storehouse, which is one of their top tourist attractions.  You can stop in, get a history lesson along with a perfectly poured pint.  After visiting the Guiness Storehouse, check out the pub culture at The Porterhouse, Dublin’s first brew pub and sample their homemade porters
  5. Brussels, Belgium  Move over chocolate because Brussels in Belgium’s beer capital.  Their beers have been traditionally brewed by monks since the middle ages.  Stop into L’Estaminets, one of the cities charming cafe bars.

If you don’t want to travel internationally, there are lots of great US cities that have a great beer scene.  Check out some of them HERE 

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