The last 7 months have been a challenge for the travel industry- hotels, airlines, destinations and the travel advisor community.  As more borders are opening to travel and more people are looking to travel, it’s never been more important to work with a professional travel advisor.

For some people who have never used a professional travel advisor before, the idea of going to a professional may seem like paying for something that they can do themselves.  That idea is quickly dispelled when you realize all of the benefits that come with using a professional travel advisor, like the team at My Vacation Lady.

Why should you use a travel advisor now?

  1.  Save time– time is money so why spend an enormous amount to time and energy researching every last detail of your vacation or honeymoon when we can do it for you.
  2. Avoid the stress-  if 2020 has taught us anything with the ever changing rules of Covid 19, working with us takes the unneeded stress off your shoulders when finding a destination that is open to visit and what entry requirements may be needed.
  3. Put an expert in your corner-  Yes, it’s true, the last 6 months have been slower for travel advisors and what do professionals do in their downtime?  Education!  We have been constantly educating ourselves on updated entry protocol, restrictions and destination and resorts so that we will have the knowledge to guide you in planning the best vacation or honeymoon.
  4. Sorting through the DEALS-  You are blasted by emails daily with the “best travel deals” but are they the right deal for you?  Unlike Google, My Vacation Lady will sort through the promotions and help you decide which vacation will fit your preferences and budget.
  5. Unexpected benefits- through our contacts world wide, professional travel advisors may be able to enhance your vacation with unexpected amenities and/or freebies.  A welcome gift, bottle of champagne, upgraded room may be among some of the benefits our contacts may include to make your vacation or honeymoon more memorable.
  6. The Human Touch- unlike the online sites, we are with you throughout the entire process and are there to assist if you need to make changes or adjustments due to new Covid rules.
  7. Support Small Businesses-  You have been asked to support your local restaurants and shops but supporting your local professional travel advisor is just as important.  So many of us are in need of local clients to kick start our businesses and in turn, we support local businesses.

You’re never alone when you have a professional travel advisor to lean on.

Let the team at My Vacation Lady help you navigate through this crazy time and help you plan the vacation or honeymoon that you deserve.