A while back, My Vacation Lady received an email:

“Hi, I was looking at your website. I am looking for a vacation or cruise to somewhere with a great beach. What is the price and lengths of stay. I would like more information.”

There was no name, no phone #, nothing else.  It was not from an email address that I recognized so our response was pretty generic.

“Thanks for contacting My Vacation Lady for help with planning your vacation.  There is no set price or length of stay for a vacation and every vacation that My Vacation Lady plans is customized for your dreams and budget.  If you want to give me some more info about what you may be looking for, we can talk a bit more.”

I didn’t mean to be flippant with my response but right now my crystal ball is not working (since I had to trade it in for toilet paper and paper towel at the beginning of our pandemic lockdown)  and I couldn’t read this person’s mind without just a bit more information.

View of the beach at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Travel agents don’t just pull pricing out of the sky without a good amount of research so if you truly want more information, please give us your name and phone # and we’ll get in touch with you.

My Vacation Lady prides ourselves on providing personalized service and helping our clients plan a great honeymoon or vacation experience but we do need just a bit of information to help us start our research.

We won’t just book a trip for you, we’ll help you plan your vacation experience.