It’s almost here.  As if 2020 hasn’t been a hard enough year, June 1st is the official start of hurricane season.   It technically lasts until November 30 but the highest concentrations of hurricanes are from mid-August through mid-October.

If you are getting married during hurricane season, where should you go for your honeymoon that won’t be affected by hurricanes?

The ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are out of the Caribbean’s hurricane zone but are they the only islands that you can go to and still have a great Caribbean honeymoon?

My Vacation Lady consistently has honeymooners be all over the Caribbean and Mexico throughout the summer and fall months.  Prices are typically lower and while you do take the chance of rain or being in a storm’s way, you also stand a higher chance of having a fabulous honeymoon with great weather.

If you are concerned about hurricane season, you do have other choices that may be out of the hurricane zone.

Saint Lucia and Barbados see fewer hurricanes than some other Caribbean islands and have every type of property from large all inclusive chain resorts to little locally owned boutique properties.


If your budget and time allows, one of the more popular choices is the South Pacific.  June through October is the best time to travel to Tahiti.  Another good choice would be a honeymoon to Fiji.  The best time to visit Fiji their dry season- May – October.  Peak season in Bali is May-October- so another good choice for beach + culture.

Hawaii has seen their share of  hurricanes in the fall in the last few years but for the most part, the weather in the summer and fall is 82 and sunny.

Europe is another destination to consider and while you may not consider Europe to be a beach destination, there are many beautiful areas that have lovely beaches.  Think the Greek islands, Amalfi Coast of Italy, French Riviera, Costa del Sol region of Spain or Algarve area of Portugal.  These may not be in the 80’s and what some may consider beach weather but the weather will be lovely.  Sicily and the Canary Islands are also good options and since they are a bit further south, the weather in the fall may be a bit more beachlike

Regardless of where you decide to honeymoon, your safest bet is booking through a honeymoon specialist that can guide you to the best destination for you and provide options in travel insurance.

My Vacation Lady is the the top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to Wedding Wire and the Knot.  We take the personal approach to honeymoon planning.

We won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special, but we will be able to make it special!