Why should you hire a honeymoon specialist to plan your dream honeymoon?

Matamanoa Island Resort

Matamanoa Island Resort

Planning your honeymoon isn’t like planning any other vacation, especially in the ever changing times of Covid 19

Friends, family and strangers will all give you advice on where you should go and what you should do and how much you should spend.  Many will tell you to go on line and book it yourself.  Others will suggest using a travel professional and with good reason.

We know that you are planning your wedding- and that alone can be stressful.  You’re working, maybe also going to school and trying to make everyone happy- including your mother in law, your family and friends and most importantly your fiance.  Now you have decided to add planning your honeymoon to the mix.

Let’s admit that wedding planning can be stressful since you want that day to be perfect.

You’ve booked the reception hall that you love.  You’ve ordered your perfect wedding gown.  In every case, these vendors are making you feel SPECIAL.

Don’t you also want to put the same attention to your honeymoon?

  • Would you allow the DJ to decide on the song for your first dance without consulting you?
  • Would you allow the lady in the bridal shop to show you only one dress and decide that it is the one for you?
  • Would you allow the florist to pick the flowers that they like and design your bouquet and centerpieces without asking what you like?

My Vacation Lady is the top rated honeymoon specialist in New Jersey and we take the time to get to know you, as a couple, as individuals and we’ll ask the right questions to help you envision your dream honeymoon.

We limit the number of honeymoon clients that we work with at any one time so that we can give you the service you deserve.  We make each couple feel special because we understand how special your honeymoon is.

When planning your honeymoon- it’s all about service.

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