My Vacation Lady is a honeymoon specialist and we book LOTS of honeymoons.  We won’t just book a trip, we’ll plan your honeymoon experience.

2020 is a year in flux.  Covid 19 has turned our engaged couples worlds inside out.  They thought that they had their weddings and honeymoons all planned and in a flash, weddings had to be postponed and re-scheduled.

For the most part, our honeymooners have rebooked their Spring and Summer weddings to the fall and winter of 2020 and some had to postpone out an entire year.  We have been working with each and every couple to do what we can to move their honeymoons as painlessly as possible.

Can you still take a honeymoon in 2020?


Marissa and Ryan were supposed to get married in May but delayed it to August.  Due to school and work, they were going to go to New Zealand, Australia and a tropical island in late September.  We emailed them yesterday to tell them that it looked like Australia and New Zealand might not be possible for 2020.  They are forming a travel bubble allowing only visitors from their neighboring island to visit.  It’s really too risky to plan their honeymoon for that area in September.  They’ll be OK postponing until February.

But what if you really want to take a honeymoon this year.  Where can you go?

  • Some of the Caribbean islands will be reopening over the summer.
  • Mexico will be reopening over the summer
  • Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Greece will be reopening over the summer
  • Our team has access to fabulous United States resorts where you can spend your honeymoon

We are not recommending planning your honeymoon until at least September since even when the countries start opening, they may still have restrictions.  What about a mini-moon- not too far away and then plan your dream honeymoon for 2021.

This is what Dana wrote on Wedding Wire when we had to postpone her dream honeymoon.

My Vacation Lady Saved the Day!

Unfortunately, my wedding and honeymoon to Bali had to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus. Mindy was able to reschedule the whole trip within a few emails! It was so easy and stress free. My fiance and I would have had no idea how to handle this on our own! After dealing with the stress and disappointment of the whole situation, this is one thing we did not have to worry about.
Throughout the whole planning process, Mindy was so helpful and always available to answer any questions we had. She truly got us our dream honeymoon.. now we just have to wait!

With all that is going on during these times, let the experienced honeymoon specialists at My Vacation Lady help you plan your dream honeymoon!