It’s been a long pandemic and a lot of us are itching to get out of the house and go on a vacation.   There are still some limits on where you can travel.  Not every place around the world is opening Americans with open arms yet but staying within the U.S. is a good option.

What about Alaska for 2021?

If you want to go to Alaska by cruise, it’s going to be difficult since Canada has been banning the large cruise ships from stopping in a Canadian port and it’s still required by the Jones Act.  A cruise ship must stop at a foreign port.  It’s an outdated law but we’re kind of stuck with it for a bit longer.  You can take a small cruise (100 passengers on board) but another great way is to explore the interior of the state.

The state of Alaska is welcoming travelers with open arms as long as you follow their Covid protocols

Why should you go to Alaska this year?

  1.  Wide open spaces– Plenty of fresh air.  Plenty of space and  nowhere else in the US can offer so much unspoiled wilderness.  Social distancing before it became a thing.  Did you know that Alaska is larger than Texas, California and Montana combined????  It’s HUGE.
  2. Stay within the U.S. – No need for a CDC required covid test within 72 hours of return to the US since you’re not leaving the country!
  3. Close to home–  it’s only a 3.5 hour flight from Seattle to Anchorage.  It’s less than 8 hours from the NYC region- non stop.   It’s about 6.5 hours nonstop from Chicago or Dallas.  Should I go on?
  4. Exciting and Adventurous- you can do so many adventures in Alaska in the summer like kayaking, whale watching, helicopter tours, hiking, seeing wildlife, walking on glaciers, biking, dog sledding, panning for gold and so much more.  It’s a world away in terms of difference than most of the things you might do back home.
  5. Alaska is for everyone– whether you want to go with your spouse, bring the kids or plan a multi generational vacation, Alaska has something for everyone.
  6. Availability at hotels – during the summer months the cruise ships usually book up most of the hotels near the parks like Denali and Talkeetna but with the big ships not able to sail, these hotels may have lots of rooms available.  Lots of availability may mean better pricing.
  7. Drive or take the railroad– the choice is yours.  There may be some small group escorted tours you can join as well.
  8. Supporting U.S. small businesses– many Alaskan small businesses survive by the income brought in by tourism.  Help your fellow American thrive by supporting the local economy.

So if your heart was set on heading to Alaska this summer, there is still options to help you plan your adventure.

The team of professional travel advisors at My Vacation Lady is able to help you plan your 2021 vacation to Alaska!

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