This was a post that was posted 5 years ago, but it’s actually MORE than true today.

Recently, I went to my chiropractor to adjust my back and neck.  This is a frequent problem that I have- especially since I sit at my computer for 8+ hours a day.

Chatting with my him, who I’ve been seeing for a couple of years and he mentioned that his neck was bothering him.  Being the funny person that I am, I quipped– not problem.  I’ll crack it for you— how hard could it be?   He quipped back— I could book my vacation through Expedia but I book it through My Vacation Lady because you can do it better than I can 🙂

Over the past few years, we have booked 3 family vacations and  at least 3 couple vacations for he and his wife, because we understand what a seamless and stress free vacation means to him.  Has he booked his vacations on line before–yes.  Would he be able to order car seats in advance (and the right size car seats) for his 2 toddlers for the transportation back and forth to the hotels on Expedia?  Maybe…

The online travel agencies serve a good purpose— when you want to book a car and hotel in Baltimore or if you want to book at 2am, hit their website.  If you want a vacation experience planned with your needs in mind, call a professional.

As we are into the 2nd year of the Covid 19 pandemic, travel rules are changing on a much more frequent basis than we like.  The team at My Vacation Lady is keeping up with the changes all the time and have helped our clients for the last year, and moving forward, change, postpone and cancel vacations and honeymoons due to the changes.

Can you to it alone?  Maybe…

Should you???

My Vacation Ladyis an award winning vacation and honeymoon specialist.  We take the personal approach in vacation planning so give us a call if you’re looking for the special touches that can change an OK vacation into so much more!