It’s time for a bit of travel inspiration- Foodie style.  Let’s head to the Caribbean and talk about some of the local dishes that are great from beachside shacks.



You can not go to Barbados and NOT try their famous flying fish and macaroni pie.  We tried it at a little beachside restaurant and it lived up to expectations!

Turks and Caicos

For my clients heading to Turks and Caicos, I suggest that they’ll stop off at Da Conch Shack & Rum Bar in Providenciales and try some conch fritters.


A while back, I posted something about Trinidad’s Bake and Shark.  Richard’s Shark and Bake restaurant, which some claim is the best on the beach makes an authentic sandwich using shark meat, but sometimes other fish are used instead, depending on availability. Part of the appeal at Richard’s is making the sandwich the way you like by using an array of condiments and chopped vegetables. Are you up to trying a Shark and Bake?


Who doesn’t love Jerk Chicken?  First time we tried it was when we stayed at Sandals Negril, many years ago.  Even when I bought Jerk seasoning and tried it at home, it doesn’t taste the same.  Must be the pimento wood fire that adds the flavor.  Reminds me that I need to get back to Jamaica again soon!

Now these are 2 signature dishes that I have never tried but if you are in Curacao or Puerto Rico, you should.


Keshi Yena literally means stuffed cheese.  It dates back to when Dutch settlers would bring back huge wheels of Edam cheese from Holland.  The slaves in their kitchens would take the discarded circular rinds and fill it with fish, meat, vegetables and even fruit and bake it.  You won’t find Keshi Yena at beachside restaurants though.  You’ll need to check it out in some of the restaurants in Willemstad.

Puerto Rico

Mofongo is made with mashed and fried green plaintains  and then flavored with garlic, olive oil, pork rind and chicken broth. It’s formed into a ball and then topped with a well-spiced protein, like beef or fish.  You’ll find many variations to mofongo on the island and supposedly, there is nothing like a bad dish of mofongo.

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie?

Will you try eating at local beachside shacks?  If you are, let My Vacation Lady help you plan your vacation or honeymoon to include some foodie experiences!  When we plan a vacation for our clients, we turn it into an experience!

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