All inclusive resorts offer a great value for many of My Vacation Ladys clients and often are great honeymoon options.  But not all are created equally and while some may be great, others may become your vacation nightmare.


Let’s take a look at some pro’s and con’s of all inclusive resorts:


  • You’re busy, and you want to relax and you don’t want to have to worry about where you’re going to go for meals or what you are going to do for evening entertainment, many all-inclusive resorts take the stress out of planning while you’re on vacation
  • Since you’ve paid up front, and almost everything is included, you’re less likely to stray from your budget. You won’t need extra money for tips and other typical vacation expenses, unless you want that very special bottle of wine or special beachfront dinner.
  • Your meals and drinks are included in your package price. Some resorts have multiple dining options to really give you variety.
  • All-inclusive vacations are great for groups and couples alike. With adult-only all inclusive resorts and family-friendly options, you can choose as much alone or together time as you want.   And many family-friendly resorts  have kid’s clubs to keep kids occupied and give their parents some much needed adult time.


  • If you are the type of traveler who likes mixing with the locals and experiencing local cuisine,  this type of vacation may feel too confining for you.
  • Check with the resort to make sure the offerings work for you- especially the dining options.
    • At some all inclusives, you are limited to the number of times you can eat at their sit down waiter service restaurants so you might end up eating at a buffet for dinner
    • You might be required to make dining reservations between set hours in the morning for dinner that evening.
    • Check out the restaurants to ensure they provide enough variety for you.
  • Many all inclusive resorts have daytime and evening activities and entertainment.   If you are just looking for quiet and relaxing, some of these resorts may not be for you.
  • You may end up spending money on things you want to do outside of the resort, like excursions if you want to leave the resort grounds.

Whether you’re an all-inclusive traveler, or are looking to blaze your own trail, the vacation you want is waiting for you and the team of experienced travel professionals at My Vacation Lady can help you figure out what will be some of the best options for you.