A bit over a year ago, we posted that we were helping our clients change their vacations and honeymoons because of Covid restrictions.  Guess what, we still are…

What destinations are accepting visitors?  Which aren’t?  Things are changing on a moment to moment basis.

Can you take a vacation or plan your honeymoon?  YES

Will you have to make some changes or do things differently- PROBABLY



Last year, we posted this link to check on the most up to date covid entry restrictions and protocol and it’s still a great source of information to this day.

The team of travel advisors at My Vacation Lady is able to help you plan your vacation or honeymoon.  We know where you can go safely and which destinations may be a bit more difficult to travel to.

We are with you through all of the bumps.

Please reach out to My Vacation Lady for your vacation and honeymoon planning needs.  We can help take the stress out of planning your vacation these days.

**********WEDDING WIRE and THE KNOT APPROVED**********